Pet Grooming

Chesapeake Bed and Biscuit groomers take pride caring for all your pets' grooming needs. All grooming is by appointment only. We will take last minute call-ins when our schedule permits. We provide grooming for all breeds large and small and reserve the right to refuse to groom any pet that may present itself as a hazard to our staff. Please call for an appointment.

Full Grooms include shampoo and conditioner, haircut/ trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, nail trim, blow dry and brush out. Daycare or Playtime is availble at no additional cost for dogs scheduled for full grooms/ haircuts (We do require that all vaccines are current and a release form signed prior to your dog joining the fun)

Please call to inquire about our competative rates. All quotes will be finalized after consultation. Grooming prices vary based on breed, size, coat and its current condition, dog's cooperation (or lack thereof), and how much clipping or scissoring is nessesary to make your four-legged friend look and feel fabulous. Keep in mind that providing exact price quotes over the phone may be difficult prior to consultation.

Each Groom Includes:
  • Nail Clipping (Dremeling is availble upon request for an additional charge)
  • Shaving paw pads
  • Ear cleaning/ hair removal (if needed)
  • Sanitary area clipped
  • Custom cut for your dog
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