Bathing Services

We offer pet bathing services 6 days a week.

All pets begin their bathing experience with warm water and luxurious shampoo, followed by a rinse and repeat ensure your pet will be squeaky clean. If your pet has special skin needs, our bathers will be happy to speak with you about our specialty shampoo and conditioners. All baths include drying, De-shedding if needed,(additional charges may apply for heavy de-shedding), brushing, shaving paw pads (upon request), nail clipping, anal gland expression and ear cleaning. Topped off with cologne, and a stylish bandanna to complete their bath experience.

Baths Include:
  • Nail Clipping (Dremeling is availiable upon request for an additional charge)
  • Shaving paw pads (upon request)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Sanitary area clipped (upon request)
  • Anal glands expressed

Additional Services:
  • Tooth Brushing $8.00
  • Nail Dremeling $15.00
  • Nail Trim: $12.00
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